Despite its huge success, the Internet faces a completely new technological environment that challenges its evolution and, notwithstanding its ubiquity, it has difficulties meeting the requirements of new applications involving aspects of mobility, security and Quality of Experience (QoE), among others.

Several research initiatives are underway with the goal of providing solutions for the new requirements regarding Internet and future networks. Currently there are different new network architectures, and for many of them prototypes are available. The next steps suggest the creation of applications and services based on these new network architectures. These applications also involve the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart environments.

In order to try out new network architectures and applications, various experimental infrastructures have been deployed around the world, such as the FIRE initiative in Europe, the GENI project in the United States, and FIBRE ( in Brazil. Thus conditions exist for fostering experimental research in future networks, focusing on the many research challenges presented.

The Workshop on Future Internet Research and Experimentation (WPEIF) aims to create a forum for discussions and exchange of information, knowledge and experiences on experimental research related to future networks, particularly the Future Internet, and to promote experimental research in this area, involving the scientific and technical community aware of the future networks.


Submission Deadline: Abril, 08, 2016
Acceptance Notification: Abril, 23, 2016 Abril, 28, 2016
Final Version: April, 29, 2016 April, 30, 2016
Workshop Date: June, 3, 2016


WPEIF invites authors to submit original and innovative research papers, even if still work in progress, related to research into Future Internet considering: the infrastructure; network architectures and related protocols; and, future Internet-based applications. The topics of interest for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Software Defined Infrastructures
  • New Network Architectures
  • New techniques, mechanisms and algorithms related to aspects such as Security, Mobility, Management, QoS, QoE
  • Applications based on new network architectures
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Software Defined Wireless Networks
  • Programmable networks
  • Mobile Networks
  • Autonomic Networking
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Future Internet Applications
  • Applications to the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Applications to Smart Environments (Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Farming, Smart Industry)
  • Experimental research based on testbeds such as: FIBRE, GENI, FIRE, PlanetLab, etc.


Paper submission will be done exclusively using the JEMS system. All final submissions can be written in Portuguese or English conforming to SBC standard conference format. The final manuscript for publication must contain a paper of a maximum of four (4) printed pages. Authors are required to submit fully formatted papers (PDF), with graphs, images, and other special areas arranged as intended for the final publication. Articles submitted to the WPEIF Workshop will be peer-reviewed by the technical program committee and the best articles will be selected for presentation and publication in the event proceedings. At least one co-author/author of an accepted paper must register and present the paper at the workshop.


Antônio Jorge Gomes Abelém (UFPA)
Flávio de Oliveira Silva (UFU)
Michael Stanton (RNP)


Under formation.